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When we come back, we will be even stronger and more beautiful!

What is PeepGo?

PeepGo is a mobile adventurous orienteering. You need a smartphone and an internet connection to navigate. To start orienteering, you have to press the play button, select a suitable orienteering path from the list or enter the game code of the corresponding path. Then you need to fill in some information about your team and you can start orienteering. Once logged in, you will have a map view showing the locations of all checkpoints. It is your job to find these checkpoints. At each checkpoint, one question opens, the answer to which you can usually find on the spot.

If you want to understand more about what PeepGo is, you can try our test game with a code 'test'. In this case, you don't have to physically go to the point to answer the question, but you should have some idea of how the application works.

We are waiting for you on the track and we hope you will have a magnificent time!


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About us

PeepGo Seiklused OÜ is a small Estonian company who organizes orientation games and treasure hunts.





Developer, Brother-in-law



Idea author and Boss, Sister



Developer, Brother


Liisi Lota

UI/UX, Brother's girlfriend

Contact us

If you want to have a fun orientation game for you birthday guests or for your team event then contact us and we will organize an awesome adventure suitable just for you.